STS – Surfaces Treatment Systems

STS boasts 25 years of international experience and a specific sectorial competence in washing solutions for its clients.

The range of industrial washing machines, products and services offered by STS covers all the necessities related to:
Treatment of surfaces, industrial washing machines, ultrasound washing, moulds, workpieces and components cleaning and paint removing.
Thanks to its offer range, STS can provide the most suitable solution for each exigency.

STS rotational washing machines, ultrasound machines, tunnel and robotic systems and STS products help to rise the environment safety level in the workplace. STS supports the companies in the optimization of washing cycles with integrated and specific solutions.

For years STS has been providing, all over the world, the best-performing solutions to help the leader companies to improve their productive cycle.

For this reason, the company has achieved positions of excellence in many sectors.


STS offer allows the clients to optimize their washing cycles and the treatment of surfaces,making them gain important benefits in terms of quality, organization and economy.

STS offer includes:

  • Washing plants: with robot, rotational system, waterjet system, interoperational or on-board machine system.
    It is the ecologic alternative to solvent and modified alcohol-based products;
  • Products: suitable for each necessity regarding washing and surfaces treatments, for every industrial sector;
  • Services: STS guarantees highly specialised servicesto its clientin order to meet the different requirements of every industrial sector;
    • Technological and economic consultancy before the purchase to choose the best solutions for the client
    • Design of customized machines
    • Test lab for Millipore and gravimetric tests
    • Tele assistance
    • Continuous monitoring and after-sales assistance


STS washing systems and products are eco-friendly and safe for the workplace.
Their use, together with the specific solutions provided for the optimization of the washing cycles, increase these values. STS was the first company to develop effective and ecological washing systems based on bicarbonate technology.

STS main purposes are:

  • Eliminate, and where it is possible reduce, safety and environment risks, in relation to the knowledge acquired with technical progress;
  • Pursue the constant compliance with the environmental regulation in effect;
  • Prevent malfunctioning, pollution, waste of energetic and natural resources. Integrate technical and productive aspects with environment and workplace factors;
  • Promote the culture of environment protection to the staff and external collaborators;

STS got the certificate EN ISO 9001:2015 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Distribution of ecological products for surfacecleaning and systems for treatment of surfaces.
Design, construction and assistance of washing machines.