ROLLCLEAN detergent


ROLLCLEAN is a nanotechnological, environmentally friendly watery solution. It is the ideal detergent to be used into our washing plants AQUAROLL and AQUATUNN, with high-pressure cleaners and standard spraying system, for general cleaning applications of metallic parts. Rollclean has specifically been conceived to degrease and clean different types of contaminants from ferrous and not ferrous surfaces, as steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

This special watery formulation allows to separate the dirt from the washing solution, extending considerably the life of the bath.





  • Effective
  • Ecological
  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Nanotechnological
  • Bicarbonate solution
  • Safety data sheet 0.0.0
  • Low COV
  • Low BOD
  • Non flammable
  • Non toxic

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